Bromo Wilson Award

The Bromo Wilson Award was established by the Arkansas NAHRO in September 2008 to memorialize member Bromo Wilson of the Fayetteville Housing Authority.  Bromo is remembered for his sense of humor, particularly his sharing of “blonde jokes,” and his kindhearted nature.

The Arkansas Bromo Wilson Award follows the same criteria as the Southwest Horses Aft Award.  The winner of the Bromo Wilson Award is selected from the membership of Arkansas NAHRO by secret nomination.  Qualifications for the award include being as gullible as Bromo, having a sense of humor and being worthy of the title, “Blondest Blonde in the Arkansas Chapter of NAHRO”.

Nominations are accepted through August and the winner is named at the annual fall conference. This is a traveling award and the winner will keep the trophy until the next year’s winner is named.

The deadline for 2017 is August 21, 2017

Click on the Form to register > NAHRO FALL – Bromo Nomination Form 7-11-17

Past Award Recipients

2016 – No Entries

2014 – Ricky Swinney, Augusta Housing Authority 2015

2013 – No Entries

2012 – No Entries

2011 – Evalene Tarlton, Poinsett County Housing Authority

2010 – Homer Thompson,Mississippi County Public Facilities Board